Early Adopter

March 25, 2007

I guess I’m a bit early on this, but I’m already feeling cynical about the 2008 presidential elections. So far the Republicans have shown either the same damn thing that made them lose most of the 06 elections, authoritarian douchebags (that’s you McCain) or Giulani.

I admit that I think Giulani is a good leader, and has a chance, but the problem is that he has too many things wrong. His position on gun rights, and I honestly have little evidence to believe he has anything to offer me on the minarchism side.  While I think that Rudy doesn’t like the 2nd Amendment, I get the feeling that McCain dislikes all of the Amendments. His campaign finance reform law was a total affront to freedom of speech and too much of what he says gives me reason to believe the Constitution is a secondary concern for him.  I swore to others, and I’ll repeat it here, that if McCain wins the nomination, I will not vote Republican for president. No way whatsoever.

To make matters worse the Democrats are putting their A-team up against us. Hillary has way too much momentum, and Obama has what seems like a near personality cult going for him somedays. So the Democrats offer me either a inexperience junior senator with nothing to show but the same neosocialist bullcrap I hate already or Hillary “Global Village” Clinton whose ideas of a true nannystate disturb me immensely. Before anyone names another Dem possiblity, save your breath. It’s Hillary or Obama, although Obama is a horrible candidate. I don’t want someone whose only resume entry is a term and change in the senate.

So it may end up that I throw my vote away, but I cannot force myself to vote for a authoritarian “maverick,” and I’m afraid Giulani’s liberal social stance will make him unappealing to convention voters. Hillary will likely be the Democrat candidate and she’s possibly the best politician I’ve ever seen. 2008 will be an interesting year, although I’m already worried we’re fighting a losing battle.